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April 11, 2016

GF 2016 Champions and $150’000 shot


If you missed the tournament, you might want to watch it on GF Recorded Broadcast page.


Two days of epic World of Tanks battles have come to their end. As expected, only two teams made it to the Grand Final. During two hours of the intensive warfare, the teams were head-to-head with the total score of 6:6. The last, 13th map was Cliff. Close-fought skirmish has wiped out almost all players from the both sides. Only three of them remained: applew0w and GRIFON from HellRaisers and inspirer from Na’Vi. The confrontation was escalating as inspirer with 71 HP had to overmatch two pro gamers, and one of them didn’t get a single scratch during this match. The clash between the player from Na’Vi and applew0w took place on the hill in the center of the map while GRIFON was quickly moving from the north in order to help his teammate.

The gamer from HellRaisers had an advantage of better position: he was on the top of the cliff. So inspirer desperately maneuvered to avoid being shot while looking for a path to the summit. He climbed the hill in a flash and now it was applew0w’s turn to search for a cover. He backed off the tank and moved down the slope… And that was the moment when the winner was decided: World of Tanks physics. The player got stuck on the rock unable to go anywhere.

One-shot GRIFON attempted to snatch the victory by capturing the base. The gamer created a cover with a help of a fallen tree and set an ambush.

Luckily for Na’Vi, inspirer was aware of it and managed to spot the enemy first. He landed a precise $150’000 worth shot on the opponent’s tank.

That was the end of the magnificent combat. I sincerely recommend you to watch the entire battle (3rd video, skip to 2:06:53).

Congratulations to Natus Vincere with the second World of Tanks Grand Finals won! And a bit of regret for HellRaisers. Both teams have shown unbelievable skills. That were some of the craziest games I’ve ever seen.

A lot of disputes aroused on forums regarding the question whether their victory was fair. Some consider the whole stuck-on-a-rock situation as a bug of the game. Therefore, WG should arrange a rematch to decide the true winner.

Others think that Natus Vincere has deserved their title of WoT champions. This game has several issues you have to deal with. Otherwise, the mistake could be disastrous as we have seen in this tournament.  

What about you? Do you think the match was fair? Share your opinion in comments.

Grand Finals Results:

1st place and $150`000 – Natus Vincere.

2nd place and $75`000 – HellRaisers.

3rd place and $35`000 – Wombats on Tanks.

4th place and $20`000 – Not So Serious.

5th-8th places with a prize of $5`000 – Tornado.Rox, YaTo, SIMP, Kazna Kru.


A bit of humor. Photoshopers couldn’t ignore the comic situation so here are some gags for you: