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March 31, 2016

April Events and News Overview

  • German Maus and Japanese STB 1 are going to be in charge. WG promises special missions and discounts on these tanks.
  • A new tank will be added to the Premium Shop. Turan III is a Hungarian MT with tier V.
  • Four weeks of events for every class. April will start with events for LT and Arty, second week will be dedicated to MT, third – TD and the last one is for HT.
  • Tier VIII LT is coming to the Premium Shop.
  • WG NA celebrates its 5th anniversary, so from April 4 all players will be rewarded in regard with a number of years they have been playing. Prizes include Premium tanks, time and Personal Reserves.
  • There will be a chance to get our hands on AMX 13 97 (LT from French tech-tree) during Grand Finals. Details will be given on April 8.
  • A bunch of anniversary specials with free experience conversion, premium time and discounts for high-tier tanks. In addition, all players will be rewarded with extra XP during the whole week starting from April 11.