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April 29, 2016

WoT Movie "War Speaks One Language"

Life Channel Interview With Alexander Bobkov

WG presents a new panoramic movie created within global initiative "We Remember [All]". "War Speaks One Language" - that is the name of the piece. The film was announced to be first ran on 2nd of May during the Moscow event. 

The company experiments with 360 Degrees format of video footage. Such approach actually allows a viewer to solely choose what to watch on the panoramic screen while being in the center of the action. Besides, another innovation is combining live cast with high-quality CGI. It is the first attempt to use these techniques for historical movies. The footage was shot in four countries: Belarus, Russia, the USA and the UK. 

The plot of the film takes place during the WWII. The story represents memories of three young man that by a twist of fate became tankers on battlefields. They participated in major military engagements, such as Kursk and Stalingrad battles. 

Below is a scene of the movie. 

This Youtube clip also features a Russian interview with Alexander Bobkov, the WG Head of Special Projects Department. I will upload the translated transcript if you are interested.