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March 25, 2014

Two Contests and a Giveaway from Alienware

Alienware Contests and Giveaways are back. This time Alienware Arena is hosting 2 contests with cash and practical prizes and a Giveaway. The contests are already open, but the Giveaway is yet to come on April 4th. Both contests and the Giveaway will be open until April 6th 2pm GMT. Contest 1: World of Tanks Scavenger […
January 11, 2014

300 gold to change your password (RU)

Wargaming added some new security measures to their account management and inherently added greatly to our account security, including sending a confirmation code to your telephone number for changing your password. Another fine measure which has me switching my SIM cards now is sending confirmation codes to both phone numbers,
January 3, 2014

A Humble Giveaway

UPDATE: Draw finished, winners published on https://www.facebook.com/wot.collection, comments closed. Since the other giveaway on Facebook is at 4000 registrations and taking forever to fill up, I decided to go for a second one, since I’m feeling the holiday cheer this year. I will be giving out 2500 gold to 5 random peopl
November 28, 2013

More free gold and premium from AlienWare

The bonus codes are all gone! You can get invite codes for new account here: EU | NA A second giveaway has been posted by AlienWare! The bonus codes only work for accounts that have not received the bonus from 2 weeks ago, so don’t be greedy! Same deal as last time, only without the […]
November 19, 2013

Free 300 gold and 1 day premium for existing NA and EU players

As usual, AlienWare Arena had another promo in hiding. This one is for existing EU and NA players and the traffic on it is so bad the site keeps dropping and giving a “Error 503 – Extremely high traffic – please try again shortly” error. But do not despair, most people have gotten their code […]
November 17, 2013

Free 500 gold and 7 days premium for new players

Another AlienWare promo is giving away starter package codes for new accounts on EU servers.   There’s about 7000 bonus codes available at the time of posting, and you get:   500 free gold 7 days of  free Premium 100,000 credits.   To get these, you need to create an account at AlienWare Arena, enter [&hell
July 19, 2013

Like us on Facebook!

Gold, FB
Like our Facebook page and we will NOT GIVE YOU FREE GOLD. You need to REGISTER for the draw (lottery) on the Facebook page, as it says on the aforementioned Facebook page, probably a million times. DO NOT PUT YOUR USERNAME AND SERVER IN THE COMMENTS. GO ON THE FB PAGE AND REGISTER FOR THE […]
July 16, 2013

Free WoT Gold With points2shop [Updated]

*UPDATE: After watching the stats for a while I have noticed, that working this program only by doing surveys, only really works for people living in the US or the UK, or able to present themselves as such online. Those of you lucky enough can earn $100 and more just from doing the surveys. Other […]
July 8, 2013

Invite codes for NA server

Register at ZAM to get a free WoT invite code for NA players. The invite code will give you the following bonuses when creating your account: T2 Light Tank 500 free gold 50,000 credits and 1 day of free premium! Here’s one I got from testing the offer: VBP97CEH5X5FEB on July 8th, so one of […]
June 3, 2013

Win WoT gold by playing World of Warplanes

Wargaming is participating in E3 this year again. And as they do with events like this, major on-line and offline events are coming in that time, to get new users to the game and get you, the regular user, excited a bit more about WoT and other WarGaming games by giving us some free gold […]