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March 25, 2014

Two Contests and a Giveaway from Alienware


Alienware Contests and Giveaways are back. This time Alienware Arena is hosting 2 contests with cash and practical prizes and a Giveaway. The contests are already open, but the Giveaway is yet to come on April 4th. Both contests and the Giveaway will be open until April 6th 2pm GMT.

Contest 1: World of Tanks Scavenger Hunt with 3 cash prizes, $750, $500 and $250. Sign up here: EU | NA

The questions are relatively easy, but I won’t make you work for it, so here are the answers and good luck:

1. Let’s Battle

2. Nashorn

3. Fnatic

4. Season 3

5. Pick a stronk tenk and make up something cute, like WT-E100 cause it obliterates the competition, for example.

Annoyingly, this skill based Contest is open only to legal residents of Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States (other than Rhode Island and US Territories), and any Province of Canada (other than Quebec), that are thirteen (13) years of age or older, legal residents of Sweden that are sixteen (16) years of age or older and legal residents of Germany, and Norway that are fifteen (15) years of age or older as of March 14, 2014 (“Entrants”).  Entrants may be required to show proof of age and residence.

Contest 2:  Best WoT ingame action screenshot, with 2 prizes, an AlienWare X51 (specs) for 1st place and $250 for second place. Sign up here: EUNA

I suggest using replays for the screenshots, as you will be able to get the best possible shot this way.

Same residency rules apply as above.

Giveaway is coming on April 4th and will last until April 6th. You can check out the AlienWare Arena Giveaways page when its up: EU | NA